About Us


PT. Andalan Inti Rekatama (PT. AIR) was established in Jakarta in 2007 as Grundfos Authorized Dealer. In 2008 after a successful year, PT. AIR was appointed as Grundfos Authorized Service Partner.  PT. AIR has more than 10 years of experience as a Grundfos dealer in providing solution and services.

We are engaged in the business of providing solution with quality Grundfos pumps in innovation, efficiency, reliability and sustainability. PT. AIR as a company is committed to provide satisfaction to our partners and customers. We always strive to add value in the cooperation with our business partners. Building strong and good partnership and relationships with all and provide quality products with beyond satisfactory after-sales responsibilities to create sustainable cooperation.


  • Sell only Branded pump products.
  • Obtain the best quality and service assessment based on the results of customer surveys.
  • Become the best classification of Authorized Service Partners according to independent auditors.
  • Make a company that can provide welfare and comfort for its employees.


  • Making customers as a partner for life by providing the best solutions to the problem of water pumps and trying to provide service beyond customer expectations.
  • The company fosters and develops employee competencies by learning through assignments, training, coaching, counseling and mentoring for career development and welfare.
  • Develop an effective and efficient company operating system (SOP) that increases company profits and employee welfare.
    Placing the position of employees in the right position in accordance with the criteria of the company to achieve the company’s target (structural Fit)