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Grundfos Unilift AP

Posted by on Friday, 23 October, 2015

The Unilift AP and Unilift AP Basic are submersible drainage pumps designed for both temporary/portable installation and permanent free-standing installation. These single-stage pumps are made mostly of stainless steel. All types are available in either single phase or three phase versions and for 50 or 60 Hz power supply.

The number in the type designation, e.g. AP12, indicates the spherical particle size that can pass through the pump.

Grundfos Unilift AP

All Unilift AP and AP Basic pumps are fitted with a plug for connection to the mains.


  • Water and rainwater in horticulture
  • Water from rivers and lakes
  • Rainwater, drainage water and water from flooding
  • Water for filling/emptying containers, ponds, tanks, etc.
  • Effluents from showers, washing machines and sinks below sewer level
  • Pool water
  • Ditch drainage water
  • Groundwater (lowering applications)
  • Domestic effluents from septic and sludge-treating systems
  • Liquids containing fibres from light industry, laundries, etc.
  • Effluents from viaducts, underpasses, etc.
  • Drainage water from garage sprinkler systems


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Grundfos JPC, JPC-PT

Posted by on Monday, 19 October, 2015

Grundfos JPC and JPC-PT pumps are cost-efficient self-priming, single-stage jet pumps, covering a wide variety of domestic water transfer and supply jobs. Ideal wherever self-priming operation is necessary. The pumps feature a built-in ejector with guide vanes for optimum self-priming properties. The body and internal components are made of technopolymer to make the pumps resistant to corrosion. The pump automatically starts and stops according to demand while ensuring controlled pressure in the water supply.


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Grundfos SP

Posted by on Tuesday, 6 October, 2015

Grundfos SP submersible pumps are renowned for their high efficiency and reliability throughout the range. Made entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, SP pumps are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

grundfos SP



The pumps are suitable for:

  • Groundwater supply to waterworks
  • Irrigation in horticulture and agriculture
  • Groundwater lowering
  • Pressure boosting
  • Industrial applications